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About Us

Quality products crafted by local experts,

My sense of smell is my strongest sense and one that I am constantly using, so naturally the way I smell is very important to me. I wanted a perfume and deodorant that would not only smell good but wouldn’t be full of chemicals that I shouldn’t be letting my skin absorb. I was getting quite frustrated on my quest to find the perfect scent that would also be kind to my skin when the thought occurred, why not do it myself?

So I began researching the uses and benefits of essential oils and discovered I could make my own perfumes and deodorants that would actually benefit my skin whilst keeping me smelling lovely.

My products are made using locally sourced natural, organic, vegan friendly ingredients that not only smell great but are good for you and the enviroment too!

I have a packaging refill scheme where if you send back your container I will give a discounted refill, if you choose not to send it back all packaging is 100% recyclable!